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Who is, JESUS, to you?


Knowing that "The WORD" of The LIVING GOD, created everything, and gave, to each of us, LIFE.

Who do you say, JESUS, is?" I ask, this, because the same exact question, was posed to a few of CHRIST’S closest followers.

Consider how Mathew 16:15-16 reveals the question: HE said to them, "But who do you say that I AM?"

[Now consider Peter's response."] Simon Peter answered and said, "YOU are The CHRIST,

The Son of The LIVING GOD."


I encountered a gentleman, the other day, who told me, that he,' was a Jehova's witness. So I said to him; then you know, that JESUS CHRIST, is The Son of GOD?" He then, responded, saying; "Exactly, JESUS, is The Son of GOD, but not, GOD!"

I then, said to him; If you, then know, that JESUS CHRIST,

Is," The Son of GOD; "then you also know, that The SCRIPTURES reveal JESUS CHRIST, as The WORD of GOD? And that GOD, reveals HIS WORD, as The TRUTH?"


Well then, I assure you, "I told the gentleman; "That we call, JESUS, LORD, and GOD, in TRUTH; when we walk in obedience to The WORD of The LIVING GOD, in TRUTH!"

For HE, is, The "I AM," mentioned in Genesis 3.

For JESUS CHRIST, being HIMSELF, "The WORD of The LIVING GOD"; Is The Same WORD of GOD, that spoke to Moses, from a burning bush, that continually burned, and spoke, saying, these WORDS: "I AM Who I AM."

And HE said, "Thus, you shall say to the children of Israel, 'I AM has sent me to you.' " Moreover

GOD said to Moses, "Thus you shall say to the children of Israel: 'The LORD GOD of your fathers, The GOD of Abraham, The GOD of Isaac, and The GOD of Jacob, has sent me to you. This is MY NAME forever, and this is MY memorial to all generations.'


Taking into consideration, that JESUS CHRIST, is The WORD of The LIVING GOD; "We know, that, HE, Is," The GOD of all creation. For John 1:1 assures us of this, by saying: In the beginning was The WORD, and The WORD was with GOD, and The WORD was GOD.

[With that said," Isn't it abundantly clear, "that If, The WORD, was GOD? Then, The WORD, is GOD!" Yes, and will forever be, GOD, speaking to us, and "washing us" with TRUTH of HIS WORD.

And so, the question still stands, Beloved; "Who is JESUS, among other gods, to you?"

Hold that thought, Beloved!"

Let me share a story about a little girl who got lost in a dark forest. She called and screamed, but to no one responded to her plea for help. Her parents and a group of volunteers searched for her. When darkness fell, they had to give up the search for the night.

Early the next morning the girl’s father reentered the forest to search for her and spotted her sleeping on a ROCK." The little girl's father called her name and ran toward The ROCK to embrace his daughter.

She quickly woke up, and threw her arms around him. As he picked her up and hugged her, she repeated over and over, “Daddy, Daddy, I found you!” But the TRUTH, is," that her father, had found her."

Now let me apply this story to Mary Magdalene’s search for The BODY of JESUS, in John chapter 20.

“Mary discovered the most startling TRUTH of all when she came looking for The BODY of CHRIST."

She did not realize that The PERSON she had found was The One Who was RISEN, and that HE," had come looking for her.”

In other words, before Mary had decided to go searching for CHRIST; HE was already, awaiting her arrival."

Now consider this,

We who Believe," in JESUS sometimes speak of “finding” HIM. But why does one even go seeking for HIM in the first place? Isn’t it because, like the shepherd who went out into the darkness to find one lost sheep, The LORD, our GOD seeks HIS Own, until HE finds us?" HE is waiting for us to realize our lostness, and our need of HIM, so that we will reach out to HIM. HE wants to pick us up, embrace us, and give us HIS peace.

Consider how John 14:25-29 reveals this, by saying: "These things I have spoken to you while being present with you. But The HELPER, The HOLY SPIRIT, Whom The FATHER will send in MY NAME, HE will teach you all things, and bring to your remembrance all things that I have said to you. Peace I leave with you, MY peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid. You have heard ME say to you, 'I AM going away and coming to you.' If you LOVED ME, you would rejoice, because I said,

I AM going to The FATHER,'

for MY FATHER is greater than I.

"And now I have told you before it comes, that when it does come to pass, you may Believe.

Yes, Believe, and recieve, HIS "SHALOM!"

Before Abraham was, "I AM!"



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