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What seat are you expecting?"


Knowing that the first century disciples, argued and fought," over the best seats, in The soon coming KINGDOM of GOD; "What seats, might those obtain, who choose not, to embrace GOD'S WORD and Command, "to LOVE others, as we LOVE ourselves?"

"Good seats? Bad?"

Consider this, in John 13:34 our LORD, gives each of us, a new commandment. And being a new commandment; "Would you agree, that our LORD, would have us, treat it as such?" As if, it is just now, being "spoken to us."

Surely, if we LOVE The LORD, we will know, to show our LOVE for HIM; by our obedience, to HIS WORD and commandments."

For HE, our LORD, speaks these WORDS, HIMSELF, in John 14:15 HE, says: "If you LOVE ME, keep MY commandments.

[With that said, " How much," do we LOVE GOD? For when it comes, to LOVING GOD; Isn't it fair to say, that "we only LOVE our LORD, "JESUS," as much as the person we LOVE the least?” Why?" Well, because GOD created man in HIS image." And if we don't LOVE our fellow man, that GOD, created, that we might, LOVE.

How can we say, that we LOVE GOD?" We, simply can't!"

And so, GOD, commands each of us, to LOVE one another, even our enemies." And though

some might squirm; after hearing what GOD says, in 1st John 4:20.

The LORD, assures each of us, that “He who does not LOVE his brother whom he has seen, can by no means, LOVE The GOD, Whom he has not seen!”

So if we've ever found ourselves criticizing others, while overlooking our own faults?" We ought to consider this; If we only, LOVE The LORD, as much, as we LOVE the people we criticize." Then, we must LOVE HIM, very little!"

Isn't that right?"

Yet, I know that GOD, would have us "LOVE" HIM, and others, as we should." In RIGHTEOUSNESS, and in TRUTH."

But how?" Well, in 1st John 4:10, we learn that the key to knowing LOVE, isn’t found in our LOVE for GOD, but rather, in knowing HIS "LOVE" for us." In knowing, HIS LOVE for us?" Yes, for GOD has shown each of us, how much HE "LOVES" us, in the sacrificial death of HIS Son,"


You see, Romans 6:23 assures each of us, that the "wages of sin, is death."

And since, "all have sinned." All die!"

The Only "sinless One," Who never would've died." Is CHRIST!

And the only reason, that CHRIST, did die; "Is because, our sins, were laid on HIM." HE carried them, and paid for them, all the way to The Cross. And on The Cross, HE took them all away." ✝️

And so knowing, that GOD, gave the LIFE of HIS only begotten Son,

To SAVE us from our sins.

We can now, say, to GOD;

"Now I know YOU "LOVE" me," because YOU have not withheld the LIFE of YOUR only "begotten Son" from me."


In this is LOVE," not that we loved GOD, but that "HE "LOVED" us and sent HIS "Son, to lay down HIS LIFE for our SALVATION." And because HE did; 1st John 4:11 gives us this admonition, saying": Beloved, if GOD so LOVED us, we also ought to LOVE one another.

Yes, Beloved, we ought to LOVE one another." And "LOVE" one another, as Brothers.

As Brethren, who embrace the "LOVE" of GOD, and refuse to embrace, the hate of the devil."

For Colossians 3:13 gives us this instruction: Bearing with one another, and forgiving one another, if anyone has a complaint against another; even as CHRIST forgave you, so you also must do.

[But still, there are those, who simply, will not forgive!" 🤔 And GOD, knowing those, who are HIS; speaks this WORD, from Galatians 6:7, saying: Do not be decieved, GOD is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap.

[And we, can each understand that? Because surely, it ain't to deep?" And so, if one will not forgive, "should they expect to be forgiven?"

Let's see, what GOD, says on the matter. In Mathew 6:15 HE, says, listen closely": But if you do not forgive men their trespasses, neither will your FATHER forgive your trespasses.

[So if we expect to be forgiven; we must in like manner, "FORGIVE!"

And so, I end this message, with this WORD, from 1st Corrinthians 13:1-2

Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, but have not LOVE, I have become sounding brass or a clanging symbol. And though I have the gift of prophecy, and understand all mysteries and all knowledge, and though I have all FAITH, so that I could remove mountains, but have not LOVE, I am nothing.

[And Brethren,

I personally, want for each of us, to amount to "something" for The GLORY of GOD!"

Yes, something worthy of praise 👏, and recognition," for The GLORY of GOD!"





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