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What can wash away our sins?


Do you remember what the angel of The LORD, announced to Joseph, after he had learned that Mary was with child?" Yes?

I pray that you do, because it's of the utmost importance, for every member of The BODY of CHRIST, to embrace The WORD of The LIVING GOD." Yes, and to learn from HIM, Who is today, our LORD, GOD, and Teacher." Yes, to learn from HIM, Whom we have Believed." Yes, HE Who is The TRUTH, and wants for all, to know HIM."

Yes, to know The LORD JESUS CHRIST."

For JESUS CHRIST, being The WORD of The LIVING GOD," is The One singled out, that we must know, in order to be set free." Set free? Yes! For JESUS CHRIST," is The One Whom we come to know, when we know The WORD of The LIVING GOD, that became flesh, and came to live among us." Among sinners." And does that description, fit you, Beloved?" I know that it fits me." And because it does, I know I need a SAVIOR, to wash me from my sins!" And humanity's only "SALVATION, is JESUS CHRIST!"

Do you know HIM?"

And if you do; "Do you also know, that we have been Blessed not only to Believe," but also, to suffer for our LORD'S NAME sake." Yes?

Consider how 1st Timothy 1:12 assures us of this, by saying: For this reason I also suffer such things; nevertheless I am not ashamed; for I know Whom I have Believed and am persuaded that HE is able to keep what I have committed to HIM until that Day.


Can we each agree that HE, JESUS, is able to keep what we have entrusted to HIM?" To keep our LIFE from the devil's Hell, and our well being, safely in HIS HANDS?"

If not, consider Philippians 1:29, and how that passage of SCRIPTURE assures us, that HE is able."

It reads": For to you it has been granted on behalf of CHRIST, not only to Believe in HIM, but also to suffer for HIS sake, having the same conflict which you saw in me and now hear is in me.

[And don't we have the same conflict inside each of us, Beloved? "To do, the will of The LIVING GOD!" And not just to say, that we are Believers?

Don't we each struggle with obedience to GOD?" Aren't we hard pressed on either side, to do so?" And haven't we, each, fallen short of complying with the entire Law of GOD? "Yes, Beloved, we each, most certainly have." And because we have, for this very reason, the angel of The LORD announced to Joseph, “You shall call HIS "Name "JESUS," for HE will "SAVE" HIS people from their sins.”

[Yes, Beloved, SAVE us from our sins!" The Blessed Name, JESUS, is the Greek form of the Hebrew Name, "YESHUA," which is a contraction of two name's, "JEHOVAH" and Hoshea," which means, “GOD The SAVIOR” or “SAVIOR GOD.” [Yes, GOD our SAVIOR, YESHUA!

This is, our LORD'S, Blessed Name, Beloved. "JESUS," The Name" above every other name!" For what possible name, could ever be above our LORD'S Name?" Anyone? No, none!" For the "Only Name" given under HEAVEN by which we MUST be "SAVED, "is The precious NAME" of JESUS!"

No other name, Beloved, can take the place of JESUS." No one could ever take the place of HIM, Who on The Cross took our place, and in our mothers womb, formed every feature of our face!" Yes, and our entire being." And only HE," Beloved, can speak things into existence." Our SPIRITUAL being, is in like manner, a product of The WORD of The LIVING GOD." And because all of humanity was created by The WORD of The LIVING GOD; Hebrews 11:6 assures us, that "without FAITH, it is impossible to please GOD." So it is of the utmost importance for everyone who wishes to be recieved well by GOD." To recieve well," and embrace The WORD of The LIVING GOD." How? Through FAITH." Through Believing, what GOD says! And if HE, says: For all have sinned and fall short of The GLORY of GOD; "we'd better Believe HIM!" Believe, and not refuse to embrace The WORD of The LIVING GOD."

For it's only by embracing JESUS CHRIST, that will lead to doing the will of The LORD, our GOD. And preaching The GOSPEL of CHRIST, HIS Son."

Do you remember hearing The LORD, say?" I and MY FATHER are ONE." Do you?


I have a question for you;

"Who can approach GOD, "without first Believing," HIS "WORD?" Anyone? No!" Absolutely, no one!"

For if one does not Believe The WORD of The LIVING GOD;

How, will such a one, ever obey The WORD of GOD?" How? Only one who Believes, will speak!"

And because we Believe," we've been called to follow in the steps of the patriarchs, who by FAITH," pleased GOD?

Consider how Hebrews 11:17-34 speaks favorably of these "Believers" who went before us, and even exalts them."

Consider it, closely": By FAITH Abraham, when he was tested, offered up Isaac, and he who had recieved the promises offered up his only begotten son, of whom it is said, "In Isaac your seed shall be called,"

concluding that GOD was able to raise him up, even from the dead, from which he also recieved him in a figurative sense.

By FAITH Isaac blessed Jacob and Esau concerning things to come.

By FAITH Jacob, when he was dying, Blessed each of the sons of Joseph, and worshiped, leaning on the top of his staff.

By FAITH Joseph, when he was dying, made mention of the departure of the children of Israel, and gave instructions concerning his bones.

By FAITH Moses, when he was born, was hidden three months by his parents, because they saw he was a beautiful child; and they were not afraid of the king's command.

By FAITH Moses, when he became of age, refused to be called the son of Pharaoh's daughter, choosing rather to suffer affliction with the people of GOD than to enjoy the passing pleasures of sin,

esteeming the reproach of CHRIST greater riches than the treasures in Egypt; for he looked to the reward.

By FAITH he forsook Egypt, not fearing the wrath of the king; for he endured as seeing HIM Who is invisible.

By FAITH he kept the passover and sprinkling of blood, lest he who destroyed the firstborn should touch them.

By FAITH they passed through the red sea as by dry land, whereas the Egyptians, attempting to do so, were drowned.

By FAITH the walls of Jericho fell down after they were encircled for seven days.

By FAITH the harlot Rahab did not perish with those who did not Believe, [Who did not what?" Believe!"] when she had recieved the spies with peace.

And what more shall I say? For the time would fail me to tell of Gideon and Barak and Samson and Jephthah, also of David and Samuel and the Prophets: who through FAITH subdued kingdoms, worked righteousness, obtained promises, stopped the mouths of lions, quenched the violence of fire, escaped the edge of the sword, out of weakness were made strong, became valiant in battle, turned to flight the armies of the aliens.


We respect the names of the patriarchs of The BIBLE, and the Saints who went before us. "

But we only bow in worship, before our LORD, "JESUS CHRIST."

Yes, before JESUS, Who is worthy of all GLORY, all HONOR, and all PRAISE." And since, only HE, is worthy of it All; "To whom else, can we offer anything, of what belongs to JESUS - GOD?" Anyone?" No! Absolutely, no one." For absolutely everyone, has a "desperate need" of JESUS CHRIST!" And not HE, of anything, or anyone!"

Yes, but in regards to humanity. Even HIS mother, Mary, acknowledged her need of a SAVIOR, "when she spoke these WORDS, in Luke 1:46-48 after the angel Gabriel, announced the birth if JESUS, by visitation of The HOLY SPIRIT."

Consider her response: "My soul magnifies The LORD,

And my spirit has rejoiced in GOD my SAVIOR.

For HE has regarded the lowly state of HIS maidservant.

For behold, all generations will call me Blessed.

[Yes, "Blessed!" But not, "sinless," and "immaculate," as the Catholic church, portrays Mary."]

How do we know?

Because Romans 3:23 assures us, that "All have sinned and fall short of The GLORY of GOD.

Yes, we, and everyone "desperately needs" a SAVIOR!"

Thus, we all need to Trust in the finished work of The Cross of CHRIST, for the remission of our sins.✝️ Yes, in HIS death of The Cross, burial, and RESURRECTION on the third day; knowing that's the work that CHRIST The LORD, "finished," in order to take our sins away!

Yes, for Only HIS "BLOOD," Beloved, could take our sins away!" Yes, The PRECIOUS BLOOD of The LAMB of GOD.



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