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Be still, and know that JESUS, is GOD.


Do you Believe that actions," speak louder than words? And if so, "would you please take a moment to consider our LORD'S "sacrifice" on The Cross?

Don't you Believe, that HE suffered greatly for us on The Cross? Yes? And if so, what do you Believe was the message, that HE wanted us to embrace? With HIS act of LOVE,

"What was HE saying? Wasn't it, that our sins had been thoroughly judged on The Cross," and that our "REDEMPTION," was now accessible to us, by FAITH in HIS finished work of The Cross?" Yes, it absolutely was, Beloved!" For by our FAITH, in The WORD of The LIVING GOD,

GOD revealed, what HE HIMSELF accomplished on our behalf, "to bring about our JUSTIFICATION."

Now use your imagination, and

“Look at HIM!”

Yes, look at HIM on The Cross," and be quiet! Please, be quiet."

For there is absolutely nothing to say, "before such genuine LOVE, MERCY, and GRACE." Yes, in that The Son of The LIVING GOD, willingly, took our place!"


Yes, absolutely!" For John 10:17-18 makes it abundantly clear, by saying: "Therefore, MY FATHER LOVES ME, because I lay down MY LIFE that I may take it agin. No one takes it from ME, but I lay it down of MYSELF. I have POWER to lay it down, and I have POWER to take it again. This command I have recieved from MY FATHER."


Surely, we can each imagine The LORD on The Cross; The LOVE that was revealed on it; The "BLOOD," the nails, the pain!" Yes, The terrible Pain!"

I think about such pain, and consider how humanity neglects GOD, and HIS instruction, that says": Man shall not live by bread alone," but by every WORD that proceeds from The Mouth of GOD."

Yet, why does our LORD, "daily want us to read The BIBLE?" Well, because Ephesians 5:26-27 reveals that GOD is purifying for HIMSELF, a Church." And that we, living in a world of sin, need to be washed by HIS WORD." And that we need this, daily.

Consider how this passage of SCRIPTURE, reveals it by saying: That HE might SANCTIFY and CLEANSE her with the washing of WATER by The WORD, that HE might present her to HIMSELF a Glorious Church, not having spot or wrinkle or any such thing, but that she should be HOLY and without blemish.


Our LORD, instructs us, to come to HIM, daily. "Seeking HIM, "dillingently," to be washed" by the water of The WORD." "You see, when we read The BIBLE, our LORD, washes us." Yes, in the same manner, that HE did, with HIS closest disciples, when HE instructed them, to sit down," for HE was going to wash their feet."

Yet, Peter resisted, and said to The LORD, in John 13:8 "YOU shall never wash my feet!" And The LORD responded, saying, to Peter: "If I do not wash you, you have no part with ME."

[So, when we sit to read The BIBLE; in TRUTH, "we are saying to The LORD":

I want my part with YOU." Wash me," and establish me in YOU." Yes, LORD, in The TRUTH of YOUR WORD."



Many are they, who simply “stand at a distance, simply watching the work of GOD being done.” They look, and are quiet!" Likewise, those who do not come to The LORD, "to be washed"; Are likewise, quiet! For they do not respond to GOD'S call, that demands obedience."

And to them, "The LORD, asks": why do you call ME, LORD," LORD," and do not do as I say?

Yet, we who have FAITH; respond with obedience, saying: "Here I am, LORD, send me! "I wish to bring YOU GLORY!" "And I am not ashamed, to share YOUR GOSPEL story." For I know that it's a story of REDEMPTION, "for everyone who Believes."

With that said, consider this";

Of those present at the crucifixion, only one spoke, a centurion, whose FAITH moved him to say:

“Surely this was a RIGHTEOUS" MAN.”

Likewise, one who Believes The WORD of The LIVING GOD, is counted among the RIGHTEOUS." Why? Because everyone who Believes, "will speak; Not as pleasing men, but GOD, Who tests our hearts. Yes, everyone who Believes, is counted as the "RIGHTEOUSNESS of GOD."

For it is a RIGHTEOUS thing, with GOD, for one to obey HIS WORD, that sends "Believers, to preach The GOSPEL of CHRIST, HIS Son."

For don't you agree, that after our LORD, was willing to suffer for us, "paying for our sins, on The Cross; "that we also, have been "Blessed, "not only to Believe; "But also to suffer for our LORD'S NAME sake?" Don't you? I do!"

Consider this,

Years before, our LORD, went to The Cross," Jeremiah the prophet wrote about JERUSALEM'S pain after its devastation!" Asking: “Is it nothing to you, all you who pass by?” Jeremiah was asking the people to look and see; he thought there was no greater suffering than JERUSALEM'S."

However, I consider The LORD'S suffering on The Cross." And I ask; "Has there ever been any suffering, like HIS?"

I think, not!" So when I visit Mt Rubidoux, and see people passing by the way of The Cross." I remind them, of JESUS CHRIST, and how HE suffered for us on The Cross; so that we, Beloved, wouldn't suffer in the lake of fire, called Hell." And so, I plead with as many as would listen, saying: "Will you please honor The LORD, our GOD, "by opening The BIBLE, and obeying HIM, Who "washes us," with The TRUTH of HIS WORD.

"Will you honor HIM, by Trusting in HIS finished work of The Cross, for the remission of our sins? And then, will you follow HIM, Whose "washing us" with The TRUTH of HIS WORD, and guiding us to HEAVEN? "HIS NAME," is The NAME above all name's.




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